Her Special Sauce

Bad taste can be so good.

How can anyone NOT LOVE this cover?

Behold “FANGS” from Aphotic Realm Magazine, featuring fun and games with rabies, rats, wolves, and other wild beasties. Plus a generous slathering of poison, injected for good measure.

In “Her Special Sauce,” a working class couple’s get-rich-quick scheme with bootleg CRISPR technology takes an unexpected toll on their relationship. As a side note, CRISPR enzymes and equipment are quite affordable and easy to obtain. The only reason we aren’t all mutating genes in our basements is because it takes so much specialized training and expertise to utilize CRISPR.

B-movies and camp culture never let reality get in the way of a nifty story: thus, I beg the indulgence of hard science folks for my tacky little tale of technology gone wrong, a relationship on the rocks, and the accidental discovery of a rather special sauce.

Read “Her Special Sauce” in the March 2019 issue of Aphotic Realm Magazine: FANGS!

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