Joanna Koch

Author Joanna Koch writes literary horror and surrealist trash. An artist, former counselor, and fan of folklore, fairy tales, and anthropology, their short stories have been published in journals and anthologies ranging in tenor from speculative to splatter to social critique. Clearly they need to think about branding. But they won’t.



The Couvade

Martin’s keeping a dangerous secret from his partner. He’s found love with Jerome, and a life happily estranged from the shape-shifting rituals of his past. But some secrets don’t die. As the past comes alive and lures them into a trap, Martin must choose whether to be hunter or prey…


Print Anthologies and Journals

Every Lucky Penny is Another Drop of Blood in “In Darkness Delight: Masters of Midnight” –  Cinderella gets an extreme makeover. There are no rats in a salt mine.

Paradisum Voluptatis in “Honey and Sulphur” – An ekphrasis after Hieronymus Bosch, a hallucinatory triptych, a simultaneous stage: the disease of life demands the stars.

The Object Of Your Desire Comes Closer in “Synth #1: An Anthology of Dark SF” – Did the gods of earth follow us into the void, or die with our planet?

Offerings in “Doorbells at Dusk” – Blaine’s wary about her new neighborhood this Halloween, especially those odd children and their creepy caregiver.

Iron Henry in the anthology “Fable” from Iron Faerie Press – Why do men get turned into frogs? What do you lose and who gets left behind when other people live happily ever after?

Mr. Sandman Scratches The Moon in “Sanitarium Magazine, Issue 2” – Devotion, obsession, and the death-origin stories of the Asian and African continents intertwine.

Silap Inua in “In The Air” – A searching tale.

Her Special Sauce in “FANGS” Aphotic Realm Magazine – Bad taste and get rich quick schemes give birth to a new species. They’re cute when they’re little.

Kiss Me In The Anodyne in “GRUESOME” Aphotic Realm Magazine – Vintage eighties mall horror. Just another punk rocker battling swamp things.

For The Angels, Unseen in “Shopping List 4”Don’t let the title fool you. A nasty bit of work.

Infinite Recursion in “Game Fiction, Volume One” –  Can you kill karma with a double-barrel shotgun and unlock a new past?

Alt.Death in “Trump, Utopia or Dystopia?” – Always trust the autocrat to uphold family values and keep your best interests at heart.


Online Fiction

Good Paper in Storgy Magazine

President Marilyn Monroe Devours Her Young winner of New Millennium Writing’s Fear contest

Veils in 101 Fiction, Issue 23: Pictures

Bluebeard’s Cleanroom in The Sirens Call, The Sixth Annual Women in Horror Month Edition

Pasta Carbonara in Hello Horror Lit Volume 5, Issue 21

A Lady Does Her Job in The Mystery of the Mysterious Hospital That Was Scary

The Girl Who Shouldn’t Have Been in Pins & Needles, Volume 1

Hey There, Dollface in The Sirens Call, Issue 41

Sleepwatch in Coffin Bell 2.2

Bloodbath Academy in Hello Horror Lit Volume 7, Issue 27

Tathagata in Crystal Lake’s August 2019 flash fiction contest


They’re coming to get you, Barbara! (Coming Soon)

The Revenge of Madeline Usher in the anthology “Not All Monsters” from Strangehouse Books

The Anatomical Christ in the anthology “The Big Book of Blasphemy” from Necro Publications

Simeon And Me in the anthology “Not Just A Pretty Face” from Dead Light Publishing

Murder Pop-Up in the anthology “Unsplatterpunk! 3” from Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction

When Mona Lisa Speaks in Blood Tree Literature journal

Ugly Sister in the anthology “Putrescent Poems” from Forty-Two Books

Flutter in the anthology “Death and Butterflies” from Suicide House

Spectrophobia in Eldritch Lake e-zine