Can Opener

September flew by and I forgot to post a link to a new flash fiction free to read on Dose of Dread. Have you ever had the sort of dream where the architecture seems to be against you? For your sadistic delight:

Read Can Opener on Dose of Dread.

In other news, I’ve been struggling with the feeling of being unproductive while enjoying the cooler Autumn weather and getting outside more in Minneapolis (where I begrudgingly moved a year ago. A whole year!) I’ve discovered endless bike paths. I like it here. I might go so far as to say I want to stay. I’ve given in to my wanderlust exploring the area and gone for days without writing.

Thus it’s always a shock to see so many friends releasing yet another book and to be reminded once again I’m not keeping up the pace with the literary hotties out there. But I’m not a creature that can live online. I’m not a word machine. I need a lot of time to let most stories gestate. So I took an objective look at what I’ve got coming up:

I have a forthcoming story in The Deadlands (in collaboration with the very talented Jonathan Duckworth)–

“Five Visitations” and “Once You See It” in two separate new Cemetery Gates anthologies coming out soon–

“Beloved of Flies” for the Action Books weird fiction project curated by James Pate online–

“Cry Handsome” in the erotic fairy-tale horror anthology “Les Petites Morts” from Ghost Orchid Press–

and quite a few more I’m not allowed to talk about yet! — Despite the subjective feeling I’m adrift out here in a sea of nature and nonsense, I seem to be getting some writing done. By the end of the year I’ll have published over eighty short stories. I think that’s okay.

But wait! I almost forgot my most exciting news.

I’m more delighted than you can imagine to announce that the wonderful podcast Pseudopod has selected my story “Offerings” from CONVULSIVE to be part of their best reprints from collections released this year. I’m truly honored and can’t wait to hear the audio version. Several people have said it’s their favorite from the collection and I’m so pleased the gifted folks at Pseudopod will make it more accessible.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoy my work, please follow for newsletter updates. If you’d like to support my writing and my continued physical existence you can Venmo me at the name @horrorsong or set up a monthly donation at

Published by: Joe

Joe Koch writes literary horror and surrealist trash. A Shirley Jackson Award finalist, Joe is the author of The Wingspan of Severed Hands, The Couvade, and Convulsive. Their short fiction appears in publications such as Vastarien, Southwest Review, Pseudopod, and Children of the New Flesh. He’s been a flash fiction judge for Cemetery Gates Media as well as co-editing the art horror anthology Stories of the Eye from Weirdpunk Books. Find Joe (he/they) online at and on Twitter @horrorsong.

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